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With recent developments in artificial intelligence, speech recognition and generation, and natural language understanding, more and more organizations are turning to conversational AI-based voicebots to give their customers a high level of service whenever they get in touch, while ensuring that costs are kept under control.

Building on our vast voice expertise, AudioCodes’ VoiceAI Connect creates a communication hub between any bot framework, any telephony system and any cognitive speech service. It supports practically any voicebot use case, such as virtual agent, conversational IVR, agent assist and outbound calling. Based on a best-of-breed approach, VoiceAI Connect allows you to pick the best provider for bot frameworks and speech services.

VoiceAI Connect is available as a fully managed service (Enterprise edition) and as a self-service SaaS solution (AudioCodes Live Hub) to support any deployment, integration or regulatory needs.

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VoiceAI Connect Overview

VoiceAI Connect Overview